"LAD-LIT" strikes back!

Wow! People actually responded to my blog, that's so cool. Thanks so much for your kind words, though I do welcome any and all words as well. Just ask my wife; I love to argue. It's just so easy when your views are the right views. But I digress.

Anyway, I apologize for the temporary lack of posting that I'm going to be going through at the moment. Our house is probably the only one in western Canada not carrying internet of any kind, so please bare with me. I'm a stay at home dad, so on my days off on weekends - when I'm at work - I'll try to post something. So be prepared for a once a week scenario until the fall.

I'm sorry for the cop-out heading of Lad-Lit, buts it's the best I could come up with for the time being. Lad-Lit will rule some day, I am confident.

What I would like to eventually make this blog about though, are my trails and tribulations during my novel writing experiences. News flash to self: it's bloody tough! It's truely amazing how many books actually get published out there, because from what I've experienced so for, it takes a lot of time. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that you can write a novel in 30 days or whatever the internet suggests these days.

Of course it figures that my first idea for a book had to involve a six book series (sigh). But I guess go big or go home right. I started planning and outlining the first book last November, just out of the blue, and am now currently on my first revision - sort of.

I've just recently encountered my first hiccup of my brief writing career. What point of view (pov) to write in. And I have to thank blogging for my change. When I started, I naturally assumed that writing a complex story with many characters needed to be done from the 3rd person pov. However, through lots of reading and research I've come to find out that there really is no set template for writing. Just write the way that's most comfortable to you.

So of course the first 19 chapters I already wrote in 3rd person. Now I've come to find out that I write much better in 1st person. So guess what. Yeah, that's what. But you know, I wasn't discouraged at all. My whole reasoning for starting to write was because I had a cool idea and character, and if anything, wanted to write something for my kids to enjoy.

So big deal if I have to re-write. I'm having a blast doing it. And I know that when my boys are older, they're going to like it too - I hope. And if I get picked up by some very, very wise publishing company, then Lad-Lit will have landed.

So to all writers, or aspiring writers out there, please make yourself known. I'd love to start networking as soon as possible, because I am quite green in basically every aspect of writing and would love to get suggestions and hear about other experiences. Especially the business side of things.

And for those who enjoy my blog, don't be afraid to pass on my address. Who knows, maybe I'll even post some excerpts of my story online just to whet your appetite a bit.

See you next week!


  1. Well J, I think it's awesome. Hey, everyone goes through "Hiccups" and sometimes... most of the time... those "Hiccups" are what makes an idea more interesting, better and stronger. I look forward to your little tidbits and reading your stories cover to cover. (Who knows, maybe I'll ask to use them in my classes!)

    Your Sis.

    Go change the world one small mind at a time- I love it!