My first book

Losing an arm in a freak accident is hard to deal with.  But when you've been touted as the next young Olympic hopeful for the last five years, it's devastating.  Not only did the accident take away Jason Dee's identity, it took away much more: his Dad.  But when he finds a cryptic letter written by his late Great-grandfather apologizing for the very incident that shattered his life, Jason's world turns from tragic to incredible.

Trying to drag out the last summer break before his first year of High School, Jason continues to struggle with depression while trying to adjust to life as an amputee.  But when he delves deeper into the meaning of the letter--and ultimately the meaning of his name--he unravels a hidden destiny unwittingly inherited from his Great-grandfather that is unchangeable and undeniably real.

Supposedly a member of a secret fraternity along with five other boys he's never met, Jason must somehow seek them out one by one in time to save all of civilization from a lurking evil.  But does he believe enough in himself?  Does he have the fortitude to be a leader, or will he keep on the path of least resistance?

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