I just wanna read!

What's the purpose of reading a novel - a fiction novel, more specifically?  Entertainment, enjoyment, and sometimes fulfillment, would be things I look for in a well written fiction book.  I don't want to read something that requires a Ph.D to figure out what's been going on for the past forty pages.

I personally believe that brainy, overly wordy (pretentious) books should be left to the non-fiction genre, or reference section dealing with subjects like philosophy, the universe, and how to understand women.  But if we're talking strictly fiction books, whether fantasy, adventure, horror, why try to be all literary when writing one?  Everyone knows that commercial literature sells, just look at the movies.  Harry Potter, anyone?

Well, maybe it is just me - and my average I.Q. - that can't handle trying to follow the direction of the prose on the pages while looking up every fourth word in the dictionary at the same time.  Call me crazy, but I feel no satisfaction or pride in finishing an overly complicated and unnecessarily verbose piece of literature - I feel relief.  When I do feel satisfaction, it's after spending my valuable time reading a novel that compels me to keep reading, and keeps me wanting more until the bitter sweet end.

That's how all fiction novels should be, no?

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