A prose pro

Sorry people, I just thought that the above title was cool. I won't be blogging about prose per say, but feel free to stick around none the less.

I was asked recently where I get my ideas from. Good question. Probably one of the most common questions asked of authors or aspiring writers. Because, really, that's what separates good stories from great; a hundred books sold from a hundred thousand books sold. And here is the textbook answer. Here is the
cliché answer of all clichés, but it's so true: Write-what-you-know. We've all heard it before, I realize, but they say it for a reason.

Of course a fully functioning imagination and a somewhat healthy grasp of the English language (hey, prose) will also contribute to some nice stories. In every story that I have waiting to be written or am in the middle of writing, there are characters that are based on people, relatives, acquaintances that I've met throughout my life. Some spitting images, others, mere glimpses, but it sure makes it easier to write a captivating character when you know them inside out.

So if you're out of ideas, or stuck in a rut, or frustrated, just open up your personal phone book or old yearbooks or photo albums, and get inspired.

Next week, making sense of cents . . . .



  1. You know what's funny? I have never thought about going back through photos or yearbooks or any of that to get ideas for characters. And I write YA. I am officially dense.

    Thanks for the idea!

  2. And thank you Katie, for being the 1st person outside of my family to post a comment. WOO-HOO!