What are you trying to say?

As we aspiring writers struggle on to get our stories out to the masses, what's our point? Do we even need points to our stories? Why are we even writing in the first place? All good questions with not so clear answers, so I'll give it a go.

This will be a short but sweet summary of why I have fallen in love with writing and why I keep striving to reach my personal goals. I have two main motivating factors for my continuous writing.

#1: This is a purely selfish reason. It's my version of hanging on to my ever fleeting youth. I guess it's my early midlife crisis. I know I'll never be able to buy that totally over the top sports car when I'm 50, so I might as well stay young in my stories. It's fun, and I love living vicariously through the characters.

#2: Simply to entertain the readers. I'm not here to educate, or to influence, or to brainwash, or to teach. Not that my stories don't have any meaning to them, they certainly do. There should always be some sort of underlying main theme that runs throughout the body of the plot of course, but not every writer is meant or called to preach or teach. That's what educational or inspirational books and authors are meant for. I just want the readers to enjoy the ride and take in whatever they want from them.

I find that my personal beliefs and/ or religious convictions are better served being taught and passed on to the people that matter the most to me: my family and children. I can have a much more profound and positive effect doing that, as apposed to seemingly force feeding it to the public and having the chance that my message gets misconstrued. No thank you.

I have found that in most of my story ideas lies the common theme of friendship, and self confidence, and self esteem, and self worth. All great moral fibers I think! We could all use increased doses of each.

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  1. Thank you for writing rather than pursuing the pre-midlife crisis avenue of sportscar or motorcycle- what I'm trying to say is that you are awesome, published or unpublished!