2009 New Year's List

Okay, people, let's not kid ourselves and make up some phony New Year's lists that will never, ever be followed. A little honesty and self-reflection should open our eyes to what should be practical and attainable for us all.

Here's mine:

1.) Not to eat all of my vegetables.

2.) Stay in bed a few extra minutes.

3.) Don't shovel the walks the second a new snowfall hits.

4.) Let the dishes sit for one bloody night.

5.) Leave the car on empty for my wife to fill.

6.) Leave the 'seat' up.

7.) Maybe flush.

8.) Watch more TV.

9.) Ease up on parental resposibilities.

10.) Say 'I have a headache' for a change.

11.) Gain a few pounds and/ or inches.

12.) Become a 'close-talker'.

13.) Never follow a New Year's resolution list again.

See you next year!



  1. Mine is to let my husband run wild and do what he wants for a change, so our resolutions complement one another nicely... Enjoy 2009, love!