A light at the end of the tunnel; YES!

It truly is a bitter-sweet time of the year.  On the one hand, I'm stoked to be in 1st place in my football pool, and headed for the playoffs; though I am sad that the NFL season will soon come to a close.  On the other hand, I can't bloody wait to get back on the wagon (writing wagon) again.  I've got the job, NFL is almost done, so now I'll be able to concentrate on what's been on my mind for these last couple of weeks.

I'm sure all you writers out there can empathize with what I'm talking about.  Even though I've only really been at the writing gig for just over a year, not being able to write the stories that are burning to get out, not being able to put to paper the constant berating of ideas that are about to boil over in my mind, has been driving me absolutely coo-coo.  I apologize now, boys, for daddy's lack of patience these past few days.  Sniff.

Well, another blog entry is in the books.  Sorry, but it's not going to be anything spectacular, just me spilling my guts to my good old electronic shrink.  Thanks Dr. Toshiba, you know where to bill me.  

So keep writing, all you writers and wanna be writers.  As long as we can remember that writing is the culmination of our imagination, and events, and dreams, and aspirations that fill our lives, then perhaps we can suffer through the drier spells.  I'll just think of the time away as refueling my creative juices, yeah, that's it...


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  1. Yes, refuel all you want, but the important thing is to make sure you go back. It's always hard when you've been away for a while, but you'll fall back into it, I promise.