Before this week is out, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention my fellow blogger - and now author - Katie Alender. This being the launch week of her debut novel - BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE, I can only imagine the emotions she's going through. Please check out her website and her new book - they're both great.

Speaking of emotions, I've been feeling one a little more than usual these last few days; Envy. I think it's an emotion that many of us feel, but don't want to admit. It's one of those "dirty" emotions, lumped in with the likes of Lust and Sloth. But I think it's one that most of us feel quite often, and pretend we don't.

I personally don't find much wrong with feeling a little Envy, as long as that energy can be channeled towards something useful and productive. But one must be careful to not let Envy turn into its evil twin Jealousy. That's when things can start to turn ugly.

So, am I envious of Katie for publishing her first novel - of course, but only because I can appreciate the amount of effort and dedication it takes to write 100,000+ words that inspire and excite. I've only been doing this for a year and a half, but already understand what she went through during that point when her story was in the embryonic stages. Anybody can get to my point, but it's the rare few that can get to her point.

So kudos to you, Katie, and all the best! You've been able to do what millions of us are trying to do, and what billions have tried to do but gave up too soon.


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  1. Thanks, Jason.

    Hey, everybody feels envy. I certainly do! It's actually a good thing as long as you use it as a motivation to spur yourself on to work harder. It's when you just let it stew that it becomes a real negative.