Thank you, thank you... no, please... thank you very much... okay... thanks a lot, really, I really appreciate it... yep... thank you.

Yes... yes it is true. I have recently received my first rejection letter from a literary agency. No... please... well, okay... yes, thank you... I know... I know, this really is very special for me too... yes... now... now please, folks, if you could just... thank you... yes, thanks again.

You know, I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside, really. It's almost like a right of passage into the literary world. I think it's because I was expecting it after everything I've read over the last year or so. It's really quite common place getting that rejection letter as apposed to the 'good' letter. I'm just glad it only took 24 hours to get. You gotta love email queries folks. Sure beats waiting 8 weeks, which I'm sure will be coming soon.

Again, thanks for the support, and here's to that elusive acceptance letter; the White Whale of every aspiring writer.



  1. I know what you mean, Jason--you're in the game now. Congrats!

  2. This post made me laugh. I recently send my FIRST MS to a publisher. I said to my husband, "I'm so excited; I may get my first rejection letter soon."

    Keep on keeping on.