To write, or not to write

I love to write stories.  Generally, I think that most authors or would be authors like writing.  But, c'mon, there are those stretches when even the most seasoned writer can't stand looking at their laptop screen for one more minute.  Sometimes you're so utterly and totally exhausted from either the kids, or the job, or whatever, that the thought of any kind of creativity springing forth from your cranium feels more like an alien pod finally hatching through your sternum.  

But this is the job, right?  This is what separates the chaff from the wheat - where the cream rises to the top, and all those other cliches.  Any hack-wanna be-no name-loser can write when things are great and there's a seemingly endless spring of ideas flowing from within.  It's the real troopers, the ones that get down and dirty in the wee hours of the night, the ones that steal a few minutes here and there, getting their ideas down before they disappear like a silent assassin, that are the great ones.  

So tough it through, dear would be writer.  Don't give in to procrastination and temptation.  Don't talk about writing, don't think about writing, don't fear writing, just do it

The fakes and the hacks and the wanna be and the posers all talk about writing.  Real writers just write.

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