Everything needs a facelift now and again.  A manuscript, a house, a website (ahem), somebody's face.  That's just life; that's just what happens when things get old and worn out, or outdated.

The trouble with facelifts is that there's always extra effort involved.  Either by the writer, or the contractor, or the writer/ web-designer/ stay-home-dad, or the surgeon.  Energy needs to be expended in order for said things to change.  They're not going to magically transform without that extra effort.

So the question becomes: is it worth it?  Maybe, if you've been rejected countless times by numerous publishing houses, or water is starting seep in from the roof, or your website looks like something a grade 7er could build, or you're middle-aged and have more wrinkles than a catchers glove.

But who says you have to change?  Who says you'll be "better" after the change?  Who cares?  Don't change - it's too hard, and probably more effort than actually required.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained...  You'll never know, I guess. 

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