Getting unstuck

Okay.  Last post I talked about how to start the ball rolling when it came to getting from idea to actual prose.  This next post will deal with the Now what.

So you've written out your thesis sentence and expanded it into a couple interesting pages.  What's next?  You're not sure what to do, or where to take it.  Don't feel discouraged, this is normal, especially for the novice writer.

You just need a plan.

I personally don't buy the notion that some writers don't plan anything and just let fly at the keyboard.  While, in some instances this may infact occur, it doesn't lend itself to smooth editing and revising.  So how does one plan their novel?  The strategy I employ is being shared under the assumption that you're writing a fiction novel.

Again, I'm going to assume that you've established all of your characters and have developed each respective character arc.  Now it's time for the story itself, because as the old adage goes, It's all about the story!

I'm somewhat of a closet movie-nut.  And after I developed my story ideas, I came up with the plan to utilize a "story template" to implement before I began writing.  Sort of like a game plan before the game.  I know for me, it's super important that I know where it is I'm at while I write, or else I tend to get lost, or begin to contradict myself.

Then it hit me that my favorite movie had such a perfectly developed story arc and plot-line, that I employed its model, and replaced all the characters and motives and conflicts with those of my own.  The result was a much smoother and more accurate writing process. 

So don't ever be afraid to plan, or think that planning is passe, or that it means you're an amateur.  It doesn't.  It simply means that you're serious about writing a clear and flowing story that your readers will enjoy, and you'll end up saving time by having a focused blueprint at your disposal.

Until next time, write on!

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