Are there Pulitzers for song writing?

As promised at the end of my last blog, I'm going to leave you with 5 of my favorite lyrics from within my music library.  Read them this weekend, mull them over, even turn them on, or down load them to your mp3 player and give them a listen this weekend.  

You would assume that writing a great song should, in theory, be easier than writing a really great book.  I mean, what, are they, like, 1/1000 of the size of a book.  Not many words, yet to make a song really ring true to a listener and establish itself as truly great, it takes a lot more skill and talent than one might think.  Go ahead and try to write a song - a really sweet sounding, flowing song - and see how you do.  Pretty tough.

So enjoy these 5 snippets, in no particular order!    :D

"Money" - Pink Floyd

Money, it's a crime.
Share it fairly, but don't take a slice of my pie.
Money, so they say,
Is the root of all evil today.
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think I'll buy me a football team.

"Sympathy for the Devil" - Rolling Stones

I stuck around St. Petersburg
When I saw it was a time for a change.
Killed the Czar and his ministers;
Anastasia screamed in vain.
I rode a tank,
Held a general's rank,
When the blitzkrieg raged
And the bodies stank.

"Democracy" - Leonard Cohen

It's coming to America first,
the cradle of the best and of the worst.
It's here they've got the range
and the machinery for change
and it's here they got the spiritual thirst.
It's here the family's broken
and it's here the lonely say
that the heart has got to open
in a fundamental way.
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

"Wish You Wer Here" - Pink Floyd

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
year after year.
Running over the same old ground,
what have we found?  
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

"Blowin' in the Wind" - Bob Dylan

How many times must a man look up
before he can see the sky?
How many ears must one man have
before he can hear people cry?
Yes, and how many deaths will it take 'till he knows
that too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
the answer is blowin in the wind...



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