Sorry, just had to post something else

I realize that I haven't been paying as much attention to my blog as I would like to.  So I'm apologizing to everyone (well, to my one follower, really).  I just figured it was time to bump the old Remembrance Day post off the top, and get something a little less depressing to greet people with.

So this post isn't of any significance, really, just me chiming in and letting everyone (one) know that I'm still here, the beard is still on my face - though I had to give in and trim it a bit - and things are a little more hectic than usual.  Along with raising my kids at home, I'm also training for a new job, taking a very long time to make a Christmas gift for my KK, and the fantasy football season is quickly rapping up.  So you can see where my writing priorities for this blog and my book have fallen to the way side a tad (sadly - I was on such a good role with my book.  Why does Life have to keep interfering?  Oh, wait, I think I already covered that...)

So please don't stop checking my blog.  Soon the football season will have come and gone - with me as champion - and I'll be motivated to get back to my blogging and writing.  But if I lose, and there hasn't been a posting for quite sometime, please notify the proper authorities...



  1. Hey Jason,

    Dont worry - Life is giving you other opportunities to find ideas for your writing. Take this job for example - perhaps you will find unique story ideas in what you do.

    Best of Luck and blog on - whenever there is time.


  2. That's it, I'm calling the fashion police!

    Or wait, who's the proper authority in this case? The fashion police probably handle people who grow beards in line with personal goals.

    You can't put too much pressure on yourself to write. Keep it in mind as something to do when you get a chance, but other than that, don't agonize. No good comes from feeling guilty about it!