Write. Publish. Repeat.

It's June, and that means that I'm this close to epublishing my first book.  I can't wait!  And it couldn't come any sooner.

The things you have to deal with when you're a budding writer, one of them being your brain hurts a lot and for an extended period of time (the last 3 years).  Now all it wants to do is move on to my next book which I've been planning as I've been putting an end to my first one.

It's kind of a neat feeling, actually.  My brain, knowing that I'm not in the creation mode of my first book anymore, has switched gears and begun to work out the details for my next book.  It's like two parts of my brain are working simultaneously.  One part is revising and editing, while the other is planning character arcs and plot lines for the next book.

I'm never at a loss for things to do nowadays which is such a blessing for me.  I used to struggle to fill the void of time, but now writing has come to the rescue and I've never been busier or happier.  :D

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