The 12 Steps

The first step is admitting that you have a problem, so here it goes.

Hello, My name is Jason, and I'm a Fantasy Footballaholic.  It's been 9 minutes since I last checked my 3 teams to make sure that I couldn't tweak them just one more time before Sunday.  I'm still conflicted by starting either my WR in the flex position or my 3rd RB.  I'm sticking with the RB, even though that particular WR had a crazy game last week.  I just don't think he'll duplicate it this week.  

But I love writing, and I'm loving my story, but it's that time of year again - that most wonderful time of the year - where the monsters of mayhem, those gridiron gladiators do battle every Sunday for all the degenerate Fantasy Football junkies around the globe.  CURSE YOU FANTASY FOOTBALL!  I'm trying to finish my first book.  Don't you care?  Can't you think of anyone but yourself?  Can't you tell me if Derek Anderson is ever going to snap out of his absolutely putrid funk that he's currently in?  Can't you just leave me be, until I'm done writing?  Just this once?

Oh well.  Guess the beard's just going to get thicker, 'cause the Superbowl isn't until January.  Tune in next post for step 2: apologizing to all who have been neglected because of Fantasy Football (and writing).



  1. Oh, you have got to nip that in the bud!

  2. Easier said than done I'm afraid. Especially since I've tasted the championship once already.

  3. If you're addicted, then I'm feeding the habit... Like it's doing you any good to have a team to "manage" as well. Have I thanked you yet for managing my team to victory? 'Cuz you know I'm taking ALL the credit! And I love the beard, so take your time.