Okay. This beard thing is going from bad to worse, and I'm only about 3 weeks in. The writing is going great, though.

Update # 3



  1. What do your kids make of it? When I was a child, I came up with the wackiest explanations for my father's hairstyles. Until I was about 7, I would have absolutely sworn that he went to a Jaycees meeting with all of his hair and came back with a towel wrapped around his head and a bald spot.

  2. The kids are cool with it. I've always had a goatee, so adding the side stuff hasn't fazed them much. My 2 year old, of course, loves to tug and tug. They were more perplexed when daddy one day completely shaved his face. All I got the next morning were blank stares of suppressed panic. "Where's daddy?"

    I love being clean shaven though. But wifey tells me I look 18. I say if my baby face "shaves" off 16 years, how bad a thing can that be?