Hyde, Mr. Hyde: Agent double oh, oh

It's time to get down and dirty people, like, for real. I'm talking about physical alterations. I'm talking about making deals with yourself to do or not do something until something else is completed. (Sounds vague)

Yeah, my wife's just shaking her head as I type. It's not that I'm not motivated to finish my first story. It's not that I don't have an abundance of ideas to help complete my first manuscript. It's just that my mind is starting to slowly fall into
self-doubt mode. Hey, this is my first go-around, okay.

So I've decided to grow my beard out; I'm talkin' out baby. Even if I'm going to a job interview, swimming, or some sort of formal outing, I'm going to be sporting the Grizzly Adams look for awhile.

I already had the goatee, but the rest is a good week old so far.

And it's not like I've never grown a beard before, usually every winter, but I've done my best to keep it clean and tidy. This time, however, is going to be a totally different beast. My beard will not be trimmed or primped in any way shape or form, until I finish my novel. Not until it gets requested or published, just until I've finally written every chapter and there's a definite beginning, middle, and conclusion. When that time comes - and honey, I apologize again profusely - the beard will go too.

So be sure to keep track of my face when you check out the blog. Because once the beard's gone, that can only mean one thing . . . .


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