Friend or Foe?

Whoever said revision was a four, er, eight letter word anyway? This is my first go at this writing thing, and all I've read about and researched and heard from other aspiring or published authors is that "revisions are hell", or "I just can't stand revising".

I have to say - unless I'm doing something wrong here - that I've been having nothing but fun with the whole revision process. It's actually turned into a rewrite as apposed to a revision, which is cool because my characters have really started to take on a skin of their own.

But maybe I should just shut-up about it, on second thought. I can only imagine what the whole revision process must be like when you're under contract for two more books. Perhaps then, when a publishing house is expecting your next novel by such-n-such a date next year, maybe it's not all that delightful. Hey, I can only dream of being in that position . . . . For now, I'll just continue to stay at home with my boys - occasionally playing, feeding, and caring for them - and write to my hearts content.

So as the beard grows, so does the writing.


Update # 2

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